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Executive Coaching

"An executive coach is a partner in taking you to your next level"

Business management can be a challenging and  lonely. It can be invaluable to have someone to act as a mentor or sounding board, who can assist you in achieving clarity by providing you with time and space to unravel thoughts and allow you to download ideas. Someone who helps you to focus on what is really important right now, helping you to decide on the direction and appropriate course of action you need to take, and who provides you with full support to encourage and energise you every step of the way. An Executive Coach is that somebody who can create an environment where you can be your best.


bullet Executive Coaching focuses on results and how to overcome barriers to effective performance
bullet It provides you with a full support environment to help you to  overcome obstacles or achieve specific goals.
bullet Motivates and energises you by providing a sounding board for ideas and challenges.
bullet The coaching relationship is uniquely built around  your specific business and personal needs leading to a healthy work life balance


The ICP Consulting Executive Coaching Services are focused on two key areas:

bullet Providing Executive Coaching to individual managers.
bullet Developing manager's coaching skills to enable them to act as coaches to their colleagues

elearning programmes and interactive material on coaching are also available at the management store.