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Financial Training

Improving Executives Financial Capabilities

"Awareness of the financial performance of the organisation must be at the forefront of the manager's mind at all times"

A critical factor sited as a key cause of business failure is the inadequate understanding of the financial state of the business by management. Many senior managers operate in a financial knowledge vacuum. Today's manager must possess a knowledge and understanding of the key areas of cost control, the protection of operating margins, and how decisions impact on profitability, along with the ability to interpret and understand financial information. These are key challenges to every non-financial manager, which can be overcome by developing/improving basic fundamental financial capabilities.


bullet The key benefit to individual managers or management teams is that they will have full understanding of the financial consequence of each decision taken in terms of profitability, financial performance and financial stability.
bullet Knowledge and understanding of all key areas of cost control.
bullet Ability to understand and interpret financial information.
bullet Understand the balance and trade off between long and short-term financial gain.
bullet Management confidence in understanding the financial aspects of the business.
bullet Understanding of the operations of the capital market.
bullet Enhanced corporate governance awareness


We provide an invaluable, stimulating and jargon free introduction to the key areas of finance, financial planning, financial reporting, and financial management. We will develop the financial capabilities so that each manager and management team can:

bullet Have a clear understanding of how the financial aspects of the business operate in the  areas of finance, cash flow cycle, working capital.
bullet Understand and interpret financial statements, the profit and loss account and the balance sheet.
bullet Understand Management accounts, key cost controls.
bullet Understand key "business drivers" in terms of revenue and cost.
bullet Assess their own performance and perform inter company comparison.
bullet Understand budgets and forecasting
bullet Understand the stock exchange and reading the financial press.

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