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Leadership and Management Development

“The surest route to success is through excellence in leadership and management”

Business success is driven and led by people. Today's leaders and managers need to develop the correct skills knowledge and attitudes to enable them to achieve company and their own personal goals.

At ICP Consulting we have a truly unique approach to Leadership and Management Development as each programme is specifically customised to the exact requirements of our clients. This enables us to be fully focused upon delivering the exact solution to each individual that enables him or her to implement the learned skills into their work the very next day.

Leadership Development

In working with leaders of today and tomorrow we provide world-class training in the areas of business strategy and strategic thinking, financial understanding, performance measurement, professional presentation skills and work life balance.

Management Development

A successful development programme must empower managers to improve their performance with immediate effect. We can design customised programmes to help your managers improve their performance in, setting and achieving goals, time management, handling staff, giving and receiving feedback, running effective meetings, communication skills, negotiation skills and financial awareness.

A highly innovative approach which combines elearning (through our partnership with Harvard Business Schools Publishing) and executive coaching can also be designed for the specific needs of individuals or groups enabling participants to fully control the timing and content of their own development in an environment which provides support, encouragement and accountability.

elearning programmes and interactive material on leadership and management development are also available at the management store.