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Hermes Customer Experience
(Mystery Guest)

As a consultancy dedicated to improving the performance of our hospitality and tourism clients, we have an unrivalled experience in assisting operators to deliver service excellence. With our mystery guest visits based upon your individual service standards executed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals backed up by our training staff we can not only identify your path to service excellence put help you in a real and practical way to achieve and maintain it.


Working with owners, management and staff, we will tailor the Mystery Guest criteria to the exact requirements of your establishment, based upon your service standards, service values and mission statement.

bullet Visits are executed without the knowledge of the management or staff
bullet Experienced auditors execute all visits
bullet Detailed feedback is provided on each element of your customer journey 
bullet Reports can be delivered within four working days
bullet Clients are fully briefed on the findings of each report
bullet Results are benchmarked against previous visits 
bullet Tailored to cover all or part of your business operations
or markets
bullet Visits can be structured to include investigation of specific issues
bullet Guest Comment Card systems to provide continuous feedback can also
be provided.


bullet Provide a comprehensive review of your service standards
bullet A unique and accurate insight into your business from a
customer's perspective
bullet Highlights your business strengths and areas that
require attention
bullet Provides management with a comprehensive operational review
bullet Feedback provides a strong foundation for service improvements
bullet Creates a culture of continuous improvement
bullet Motivates and encourages staff with positive and constructive feedback
bullet Enables you to deliver superior service constantly
bullet Competitor benchmarking can also be undertaken

A unique insight into your Service Standards from your customer's perspective.