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Interactive Management

Interactivemanagement.ie is a division of ICP Consulting a quality driven management consultancy and people development company specialising in helping organisations and managers to grow to their next level (and beyond).
interactivemanagment.ie is a resource dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials and managers at all levels one solving one of their dilemmas, top performer know that it would be beneficial to their performance and their career to upgrade and improve their skills and knowledge but their dilemma is how do I find the time? what programme will I get the most benefit from? who will keep me accountable and encourage me towards my goal?

Through a truly unique approach which combined elearning, providing world class material literature and interactive media and executive coaching interactivement.ie can bring you leading edge leadership and management development at a time, pace and budget to suit your every need.

interactivemanagment.ie provide specialist management learning assistance in the areas of:

bullet E-learning programmes
bullet Business and Industry Cases Studies
bullet Special Collections on Key issues
bullet e.g. management, strategy, human resources, performance measurement
bullet Interactive material including CD ROMs, video, and tapes
bullet Online conferences and broadcasts.
bullet Blended solution combining the above with executive coaching.

Through its management store interactive management provides a world class range of interactive material consisting of elearning programme, training materials books, CD ROMs and video, case studies along with the facility to search management resources world wide for any specific material required.  Interactivemanagement.ie is supported by a number of the world’s leading management resources including Harvard Business Schools Publishing.